About Us

Strategic Growth Council

SGCIn September 2008, Senate Bill 732 was signed into law, creating the California Strategic Growth Council (SGC). The SGC coordinates the activities of state agencies and partners with local governments and stakeholders to promote sustainability, economic prosperity and quality of life for all Californians. SGC’s vision is healthy, vibrant, and resilient California communities, environment, and economy. As set forth is SB732 and adopted by the Council, SGC’s sustainability objectives are:

  • Improve air and water quality
  • Protect natural resources and agriculture lands
  • Increase the availability of affordable housing
  • Promote public health
  • Improve transportation mobility
  • Encourage greater infill and compact development
  • Revitalize community and urban centers
  • Mitigate and adapt to climate change

Information Center for the Environment

ICEICE is an environmental information brokerage and research laboratory in the Department of Environmental Science & Policy at the University of California, Davis, under the direction of Academic Director Jim Quinn and Managing Director Karen Beardsley. ICE specializes in the development and dissemination of geospatial data and technologies; the development of robust data architectures dedicated to the cataloging of global environmental information; and the creation of decision support systems geared toward improving the capabilities of resource managers in a variety of sectors.

Institute for Local Government

ILGThe Institute for Local Government promotes good government at the local level with practical, impartial, and easy-to-use resources for California communities. The Institute’s goal is to be the leading provider of information that enables local officials and their communities to make good decisions.