Additional Search Help

This page provides an overview of the various fields that can be used to search the resources inventory. You can use one or more of these fields to locate inventory records, and the more fields you use, the more refined your search becomes.

Query Selection How To
Resource Name Type the full title of the resource or any word contained in the title.
Type Click the box of one or more resource types from the pick list (Case Study, Finance, Guide, Plan, Report, Tool, and Training).
Sustainability Topic Click the box of one or more sustainability topics from the pick list.
Geo Scope (Short for Geographical Scope) Click in one or more of the boxes to query resources that are: Statewide (California only), out-of-state, nationwide (United States) or International for anywhere outside of the U.S (and can include the US).
MPO Click in one or more boxes for a Metropolitan Planning Organization or Regional Transportation Planning Agency. Non MPO Rural Counties can be found at the end of the list.
County Click in one or more boxes for the California County name.
Government Jurisdiction Begin typing the name of the MPO, County or City and select the full name as it appears below the text box. For multiple selections, type a coma in between. For example, if you wanted to compare resources for two large metropolitan cities, San Francisco and Los Angeles, type “San Francisco, Los Angeles.”
Full Text Search Type in a phrase or word contained in either the title or the summary description.