Amador County Traffic Mitigation Fee

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As new additional traffic began to stress county roads, the funds to improve them were not sufficient to cover the impacts. Very little property tax revenue goes into County road funding. State Highways (Regional) and County (Local ) roads are maintained mostly from gasoline taxes which do not fully cover the costs. Amador County set up Traffic Mitigation Fees, effective October 25, 1999, to help mitigate the adverse impacts caused by new development and fund the cost of maintaining Regional and Local roads. Even now, with rising costs, the fee amount adopted is still not enough to cover the road improvement expenses completely.

Ordinance No. 1614, Public Road Impact Fee, set a “Base Fee” for a single family dwelling, justified by a Nexus Study and the County’s Capital Improvement Plan. Currently, Resolution No. 08-143 sets the base fee at $5,540.00. The fee for commercial developments depends on the amount of traffic the development is estimated to generate over and above the existing volume of traffic.

The fee is imposed on all building permits for single or multi-family residential units and commercial and industrial uses applied for on or after October 15, 1999. It is not imposed on building permits for garages, room additions, decks, remodeling, etc. Each Traffic Mitigation Fee is put into a Trust and is administered by the Amador County Transportation Commission. It is to be used only to finance construction, improvement, and maintenance of public roads.


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