Burlingame Urban Forest Management Plan

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This Urban Forest Master Plan is a compilation of information, statistics, policies and procedures that the Burlingame Parks & Recreation Department has had in place for many years. The Goal of the Plan is to manage the community’s urban forest to enhance the quality of life. The process integrates the environmental, economic, political, historical, and social values of the community to develop a comprehensive management plan for the urban forest. The Plan includes a background of the City’s vision and tree philosophy, show the benefits of an urban forest, list the City’s existing tree policies and varieties, describe existing maintenance practices, show the criteria used to consider tree removals, list the trees that are allowed as replacements in street planting strips and explain the process for public appeals of staff decisions. Attachments include tree permits, street tree lists, criteria used to remove trees due to either sidewalk impacts or health concerns, an inventory of street trees listed by species and the Beautification Commission’s rules of procedure.


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