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BCDC: Living with a Rising Sea
  • Tool

The Bay Area Conservation & Development Commission (BCDC) is tasked with protecting & enhancing the Bay in response to climate change (adaptation).

Be the Change
  • Training

The Be the Change environmental leadership program trains emerging leaders in the skills needed to take action within the places where they work, live, worship, and play to "green" our world from the inside out.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Apple Valley
  • Case Study

This Climate Action Plan includes general information about greenhouse gases and climate change, assumptions and data used to determine the 2005 inventory and baseline, the 2020 forecast under business as usual conditions, and the proposed reduction measures that will enable to Town to achieve the targeted reduction level, thereby doing its part to limit greenhouse gas emissions statewide that contribute to climate change.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Arcata
  • Case Study

Although the City has reduced emissions by 30% within the Municipal sector through energy efficiency upgrades and the installation of grid-tied, rooftop solar photovoltaic (PV) systems at City Hall and the Arcata Marsh Interpretive Center, overall energy use has not decreased within the residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, according to an update inventory of community-wide GHG emissions conducted in 2007. Despite this, the City continues to strive to reduce emissions and is...

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Benicia
  • Case Study

The City of Benicia is joining an increasing number of California communities in developing plans to address climate change at a local level. Although climate change is a global problem, city leaders in the U.S. and abroad are increasingly recognizing that it will directly affect their constituents and pose risks to public health, safety, and welfare. It is also at the local level that many strategies to both adapt to the changing climate and combat its progression are best enacted.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Chula Vista
  • Case Study

Working with ICLEI and The Climate Registry, the Conservation Division coordinates implementation of the City's Climate Action Plan and monitors the City’s progress by performing annual emission inventories. Chula Vista was the first public agency in San Diego County to receive the "Climate Action Leader" designation from the California Climate Action Registry and the "Climate Registered" designation from The Climate Registry.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Citrus Heights
  • Case Study

As the City is nearly built-out, the focus of energy conservation in Citrus Heights is on retrofitting existing homes and businesses. The City continues to explore the use of grant funds and programs with SMUD and non-profit agencies to establish programs for home weatherization and solar retrofit. In cooperation with SMUD, PG&E, the California Energy Commission, and other public utilities, subject all municipal buildings to an energy audit and perform practicable energy conservation...

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Davis
  • Case Study

Davis can trace its sustainability roots back more than 40 years to the date the community decided to establish the first bike lanes in the United States. ... With its early actions to establish alternatives to automobile travel, energy conservation, solar energy production, farmland and habitat protections, inclusionary housing programs, and innovative land use policies, Davis is well positioned to fight global warming and work toward a more sustainable future.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of El Cerrito
  • Case Study

Energy efficiency and conservation is a great way to both save money and combat global climate change. For every kWh you save, you prevent about 1 pound of carbon dioxide from entering the atmosphere. Similarly, for every therm of natural gas you save, you reduce CO2 emissions by almost 12 pounds. For these reasons, El Cerrito has applied for grants and has partnered with various groups to help make energy efficiency improvements in both our own facilities and in the community.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Glendale
  • Case Study

The Greener Glendale Plan takes advantage of common sense approaches and innovative policies that the local government is uniquely positioned to implement. The actions identified can reduce energy use and waste along with the associated costs, improve air quality and environmental health, and provide other benefits to the City of Glendale for years to come.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Hayward
  • Case Study

Hayward’s Climate Action Plan (CAP) was adopted by the City Council on July 28, 2009. The purpose of the CAP is to make Hayward a more environmentally and socially sustainable community by: Reducing Greenhouse Gas emissions - the primary contributor to global warming ; Decreasing the community’s dependence on non-renewable resources ; Increasing Hayward's potential for "green" economic development ; and enhancing the health of all who live and work in Hayward.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of La Mesa
  • Case Study

The City of La Mesa recognizes that local governments play a leading role in both reducing greenhouse gas emissions and adapting to the potential impacts of climate change. Local governments can dramatically reduce emissions from their government operations through such measures as increasing energy efficiency in facilities and vehicle fleets, utilizing renewable energy sources, enacting sustainable purchasing policies, reducing waste, and supporting alternative modes of transportation for...

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Livermore
  • Case Study

"The Climate Change Element requires preparation of a Climate Action Plan for the City for 2020 within 2 years of adoption of the Climate Change Element. As discussed below, the goal of the Climate Change Element is to reduce City GHG emissions by 28% relative to BAU emissions in 2020." -City of Livermore General Plan Proposed Climate Change Element

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Manhattan Beach
  • Case Study

Manhattan Beach has a long history of environmental sensitivity and activism, as a community and as a city government. In the coming months and years we will be taking these efforts to new levels as the City Council has made sustainability a priority goal. Over half of this year’s City Council work plan relates to green issues, and there will be plenty of opportunity for our local businesses and residents to be involved in taking action to protect our environment.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Palm Springs
  • Case Study

The City of Palm Springs has identified sustainability and the creation of a comprehensive plan for sustainability as a priority for the coming year. Our quality of life is dependent upon our ability to translate that intention into a reality.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Palo Alto
  • Case Study

Palo Alto has taken the lead in implementing environmentally sustainable policies at the local level. The city, adjacent to Stanford University, is moving forward to share its experiences with other cities around the world as part of an effort to address the environmental crisis of our time.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Pleasanton
  • Case Study

The City of Pleasanton recognizes that activities taking place throughout the community result in the release of the heat-trapping greenhouse gases (GHG) that contribute to climate change. We are committed to reducing our GHG emissions by creating a Climate Action Plan (CAP) that will provide a roadmap to help us reach our reduction targets.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of Riverside

Sustainable Riverside maximizes energy efficiency and makes the most efficient use of resources, and minimizes negative environmental consequences. Above all, it means meeting the needs of its citizens while not degrading or destroying the natural and constructed systems that will sustain future generations.

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of San Carlos
  • Case Study

The City of San Carlos continues to be a leader in Green Programs and initiatives dealing with Climate Protection at the City, County and Regional levels. In San Carlos, the City has teamed up with the San Carlos Chamber of Commerce and San Carlos Green to bring these programs and efforts to a city-wide audience. The City Staff handles Green Programs at the City Government, the Chamber of Commerce works with the business community and San Carlos Green works with San Carlos residents....

Beacon Award Participant Profile: City of San Rafael
  • Case Study

In 2006 San Rafael was one of the early signatories to the U.S. Conference of Mayors Climate Protection Agreement, committing the City to working towards meeting the goals of the Kyoto Protocol. To provide a road map on how the City can reduce greenhouse gas emissions from its own municipal operations as well as influence residents and businesses in San Rafael to reduce their emissions, the City Council called for the preparation of a Climate Change Action Plan.


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